Cider with an unique and distinguished flavour of Yumberry, mixed with apple and kiwi wine, Black GHOST is a revolutionary cider news on the market.

The taste of Yumberry comes from a Chinese berry originally named Yangmei. These red diamonds are harvested from trees more than a hundred years old.

Yumberry is a so called "Super fruit" because of its high level of antioxidants and has been used for maintaining a better health in Asia for decades.

Serve all GHOST ciders cooled in bottle or in a glass filled with ice - and try it with a squeeze of lime.

Supernatural Cider with a delicious taste of Elderflower perfectly mixed with both apple-, pear- and kiwi cider.

White GHOST is an unique and original taste experience within its category. So powerful and refreshing yet still so easy to drink.

The taste brings back memories of Grandma's homemade elderflower juice, which underlines the excellent quality and the high contains of fruit.